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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Final Equator Principles III and the August 2012 Draft - What are the differences?

Some of the main differences are:

1. Elimination of the High Income OECD threshold for application of the IFC Performance Standards in the final version. Now there is a concept of "Designated Countries" which basically has the same effect but is not based on high income status;

2. Only a summary of an ESIA rather than full disclosure of the ESIA and ESMP is required in the final version;

3. In the final version only a "majority" of a corporate loan meeting the appropriate thresholds must be tied to a project, that caveat wasn't in the draft;

4. New emphasis in principle 3 that compliance with relevant host country laws, regulations and permits are to be address "in the first instance" in Assessments;

5. Some changes to Appendix B setting out EPFI reporting requirements;

6. More specific reference to the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights due diligence requirement.

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