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Friday, March 12, 2010

Globe & Mail: China sends Google stern warning

"Obey the law or ‘pay the consequences,' country's top Internet regulator says." Full article here.

This development puts starkly the question of how legal compliance fits with CSR practices.  What happens when they conflict?  The assessment of the Chinese official is factually correct - failure to comply with state requirements will result in sanctions.  Google has the choice of staying or going.  But, they also have the choice of staying and trying to maintain their integrity in terms of openness, transparency and non-censorship to the best of their ability, despite the inherent struggles and pressures they will face. I hope they pick the third option, and I look forward to seeing what creative ways they come up with to do so.  As noted in an earlier posting this might include working through supranational organizations to promote the transparency agenda.

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